In Search of Walmart Black Friday 2009 Sales, Ads and Discounts

The search for walmart black friday 2009 sales is on as it is just less than twenty days before the famous Black Friday where many items in many stores (not just Walmart) like Home Depot, Target, Sears, Staples, etc. have bargains and are on discounts, marked down or 50% to 80% percent off. I remember searching for a laptop last year (a netbook at first) and looking for discounted laptops. I found one and was ready to pay it off using the money I earned online.

But, because of the Black Friday sales and discounts in Walmart and other stores, people lined up outside stores the day before. My in-laws were not able to buy the discounted gadget I wanted. I hope that this year, 2009, the people who are trying to find Black Friday coupons, discounts and sales will find what they need here in this page.