How to Increase Your Adsense Income

Many webmasters figure out how to increase their Adsense income and they utilize different strategies to do this. Here, I will share to you my experience form transitioning to the natural way of earning through Adsense.

Why the natural way? Yes, I said that because there are unnatural ways. Some of the unnatural ways are automated traffic exchange which is a no-no for Adsense, optimizing the page and the content is one which may result in getting the page on top of search engine results pages (SERPs) but if Google sees that the content is not really what the page is associated with when using particular search keywords and this may result in getting the page penalized by Google.

I still believe in the saying that “Content is King”! I have a little knowledge about SEO but have given up trying it out on pages because when I did this in my other blog (, Google did something with it which pulled it down to lower SERPs. But thankfully I have some pages or blog entries that were really written well (during the times when I did not SEO yet), so now, these are the only pages that appear high on Google’s SERPs. The content placed it their, and I did not have to SEO it.

The best way to get natural, search engine traffic is to provide content in your blog’s niche that will give readers what they need, and they are not necessarily what search engine robots look for. The content will bring readers back to your blog and will naturally propel your site to the top of SERPs. This will naturally increase you Adsense income because of more traffic driven to your site.

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