Earnings from the Paypal Wishlist – Facebook Campaign

Tonight, I finally received my earnings from the Paypal Wishlist-Facebook campaign. It was just a low $20 against the maximum potential earning of $100 which some of my blogger friends reached right away.

But I acknowledge that the earnings I received from this Paypal Wishlist campaign in Facebook is a great blessing not only for me but especially for those who have never tried making money online but now did because of their participation in the said campaign by none other than Paypal, Facebook and the product advertisers.

At first, many people were skeptical about the campaign. But there were those who took the risk and promoted the wishlist to their Facebook friends and those who believed and had faith are now reaping the blessings.

I hope that many who have been skeptical about making real money online will now start to reconsider, with caution, the great money-making potential in the internet. Thanks to the Paypal Wishlist campaign in Facebook many now have experienced making money online.

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