I Was Asked to Share My Online Money Making Experiences

Last week I was sharing my online money making experience to a teacher of a high school in Makati City and at the end of our conversation, he invited me to speak to a group of teachers from his department which he will be organizing. He asked me to share about my experiences as I learned to make money online.

So, right now, as I share these things I also am trying to organize my thoughts on how I will share the whole money making experience online. I will need to share about how experts, of whom I am not a part of, make plenty of money online and how I, as a simple blogger who is trying to learn and learn have earned since the beginning of 2008.

I just hope that I would be able to inspire the high school teachers to start blogging and start monetizing the blogs they will be creating a few months from now.

I’m Making My 29th Paypal Withdrawal Today

Today, in my almost two years of online money making, I am making my 29th Paypal withdrawal. That’s right, 29th. Praise God because of the many online opportunities that He has given me and my wife. It has also been a very long time since I blogged about my experiences about this online business because of the so many blogs that I have started and monetized.

Looking at all my Paypal withdrawals, not including my wife’s Paypal (she’s made 41 withdrawals since we started), I made a summation of the money I earned online, mostly through blogging, writing paid posts, adsense income and link ads and the total was $4,896.00 – money made since February 2008 until the present.

This online money making experience is real! It wasn’t made through scam but through real, honest to goodness work in the internet, mostly through making blog content. If you think I could be of help as you start your own online money making journey, drop me a message or comment and I would be glad to help you!