How to Insert Adsense Code Within the Post for Blogger or Blogspot

In blogger/ blogspot there are no plug ins available which will allow you to insert ads within the post that’s why it is important to know how to insert the adsense code within the post for blogger or blogspot. I will try to walk you through the process of inserting the adsense code in your blogpsot or blogger blog through this post.

1. First you need to log in to your blogger dashboard.

2. From the dashboard click “Layout” button under the blog where you want the adsense code placed.

3. You will be directed to the “Layout” page under the tab of “Page Elements”. Beside this tab are a few other tabs. Click the tab “Edit HTML”.

4. You will be directed to the Edit Template page. Above that line click “Download Full Template” first to back up your template in case something goes wrong.

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How to Buy a Domain Name From Blogger and How to Have Your Blogspot Blog Redirect to a New Domain Name Purchased From Blogger

I have learned how to buy or purchase a domain through blogger and have my blogspot blog redirect automatically to the domain that I purchased. I will try to explain this as best as I can through this post.

This is for those who have blog and wish to get their own domain name through blogger instead of buying the domain from other sites that sell domains. The advantage is blogger will set up the domain for the one who buys the domain. Blogger will also automatically redirect the blogspot blog to the new domain.

If this is what you need to do here are the steps:

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