Tipid Dauqs Budget Tips: What is it?

So what is Tipid Dauqs Budget Tips? It is an SEO contest organized and initiated by Tipid Squad which is a site that talks about topics related to budgeting and finances. With my experience in making money online I definitely can learn form them and hopefully, I too can share some principles on budgeting and finances.

The budget tips I would like to share are not intended to say that I know better than Tipid Squad (dauqs is squad typed backwards). I just hope to contribute a few principles on handling finances. The principles are based on the Bible which claims to be the word of God. With its claims I guess it then has credibility when it comes to all areas of our lives including budgeting, money and finances.

Here are a few principles:

1. The Principle of Accounting – One must know what he spend, own, earn and owe. Make a list.
2. The Principle of Budgeting – Budget Tips is the forte of Tipid dauqs or Tipid Squad, this principle simply says that we must tell our money where it should go not the other way around.
3. The Principle of Saving – This is self-explanatory and I don’t need to elaborate on it.
4. The Principle of Giving – To learn how to handle money properly, we must have the right heart or attitude towards it. We must not be so attached to it. The only antidote to materialism is generosity.

I hope these tips can be helpful. For those who want to learn more about money, finances and budget tips, visit Tipid Squad the organizer of Tipid Dauqs.

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