To Start Off Making Money Online

One very simple step I did to get that dough rolling in was I created a site/blog. The first site I created was the one for our church. I got free domain name registration and hosting (until now) at This is a free hosting ministry that could really help full-time minsters like me, brothers and sisters in Christ wanting to create a website. Their main requirement is that the site you create must share the Gospel explicitly and that you agree with their statement of faith. Since we share the same belief and the site I created met the other requirement, they eventually registered a domain name (of my choice) for my first site and hosted it. I then created a second website and went through the same process.

For these first two sites, my first exposure to making money online (our family and our ministry could really use a little extra) was through Google AdSense. It’s easy to create an account but their minimum payout is $100. And unless your site receives huge traffic it would take some time before you get your first $100. In my case, I was able to raise up to more than $20 in my AdSense account.

However, being the newbie I was, and wanting to increase traffic in my two sites, I registered in autosurf services, and it did increase traffic and exposure to my two sites and I did get clicks for the ads in my two sites but, since this is considered as invalid clicks and since part of Google’s terms and conditions is not taking part in autosurf services, my AdSense account got banned. It
eventually got reinstated (as you can see in two of my other blogs which have Google ads) after sending an appeal. But all past earnings were revoked so I sart right back at zero.

But I think this is the easiest way to make money online. In addition to that you can even create a free blog through blogspot/blogger and once you post an entry, Google would automatically prompt you to place ads in your blog. So with AdSense, even without doing anything really, as long as their are frequent visitors in your site/blog the ads will get clicked and you’ll start to earn (But of course there are ways to get more traffic into your site – SEO tools and other stuff). Just make sure that you are careful not to break the terms and conditions that Google set.


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