Saving in Dollars

So what has been a benefit to me and my family of making money online? There has been a lot already actually, but I just want to share the most recent one. Last week, my wife and I have opened our first dollar account (from our income online).

Our first dollar savings from our online income

We are saving up to buy a new car that we have been praying for since last year. The blessing is when this year began, the money we have been making online have become more steady, and more opportunities have come.

So, what are our sources of income? Well, writing paid posts has always been there. But, I have been trying to transition from making money online through paid to blog services to passive income sources such as PPC ads and affiliate marketing. Lately, income has become more steady and we are still thinking of ways and ideas to increase the income from the latter sources.

While writing this entry, my wife just checked if her 53rd and my 38th withdrawal from each of our Paypal accounts have cleared and they have. This online money making experience is truly exciting and a real blessing to us. I just encourage those who are just starting to discover how to make money online to never give up because the internet market is still growing and it would be wise to stay in the boat.


  1. @Donald: Thanks for your regular visit to my blog. For PPC, I’m still learning to earn steadily from adsense and adbrite. For affiliates, I use CJ and clixgalore.

    You can do it, man! Just be patient and persistent and don’t forget to seek God’s blessing. 🙂
    .-= Jeff´s last blog ..Saving in Dollars =-.

  2. @Meesa: Thanks, I’ve been monetizing for two years and a month now. I’m not an expert, still learning the ropes and sharing what I have learned. I’m sure you’ll develop as you continue blogging.

  3. Wow! That’s great! Congrats on your newly opened dollar account. I have been searching for online opportunities since last part 0f ’08. But only got to really concentrate 9 months ago. I hope you could share with us your fortune in finding the right and legal online business. I’m a stay at home mom with a special child, so, might as well try my luck online..
    Thanks for sharing your great success!!
    .-= EihdraG´s last blog ..Product Review: Perfect Traffic Storm =-.

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