My Online Money Making Experience: A Step-by-Step Process – Part 1

For those of you who have been waiting to hear how I began making money online, let me share them to you now and let me write down some steps on how you can start to make money online through paid-to-blog services.
Last December of 2007, my wife and I ventured into buying a domain ( and having it hosted. She was the one who started blogging. I helped her by visiting other blogs as we tried to build links. As I visited other blogs, I discovered that there were blogs that were making money online even though they didn’t have their own domain. So, I was encouraged to start my own blog for free.

I started by:

1) …Creating a blogger account at

I went to and created an account. They just asked for an email address and a password. I used my already existing Gmail email address and thought of a password. Immediately, blogger prompted for me to start by creating a blog. So what I did was began to…

2) …Think of a theme/niche to blog about.

I though that if I was going to write/blog about something, it should be something that I liked or enjoyed so I wouldn’t run out of things to write about, or at least be motivated to research on it online if I were to run out of things to blog about. I loved playing soccer so I began to…

3) …Think of a good url (which is like the subdomain in blogspot) and a title to go with it.

I chose as the url and ‘Football Videos and Pictures’ as the title and eventually I was able to buy an own domain for it using the money I earned online. The blog’s domain is now – the same domain as the title (experts say that same domain and title for your niche can help a lot in SEO (search engine optimization). And it did with this blog, because right now even without doing anything this blog has a constant stream of visitors from searches about football pictures, videos, etc.

But of course, this only materialized when I put in good content. Meaning, I started to…

4) …Put content in the blog.

And for the first few weeks before this blog got accepted in paid-to-blog services like SponsoredReviews, Smorty, PayPerPost, Blogsvertise, BuyBlogReviews, etc. , one of the things I concentrated on was putting in content. As an SEO saying goes, “Content is King!”

Now, there are other things I did to bring traffic to the blog, tools I used that I also learned online and from other blogger friends to increase the statistics of the blog so I could go on making money online, and these I will share on my next entry. I would encourage you to start with these simple steps first – no cash out! But with no cash out, you can start to make money online like what happened to me. God bless you!

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