Making Money Online Through Blogging and Sponsored Reviews

In a recent post, I mentioned that my wife and I bought a domain name and had it hosted. As we did different things to build links for our site (Marriage and Beyond) like submitting our site to directories, visiting and commenting on other related sites and exchanging links with them I encountered blogs making money online using the blogger/blogspot platform which is free hosted. before I used to think that I’ve got to have my own domain to make money online, but after seeing other bloggers make money online through blogging while using free blog platforms, I decided to give it a try.
The first blog I registered at blogger was Football Videos and Pictures. When I created this blog I really had one goal in mind – that was to make money online through it while writing about something I really enjoy and like. I have come across different services online that pay bloggers to blog even before I created my first free blog. So I determined to create entries to make my blog pass the usual requirements of these services.

The usual requirements of services that pay to blog are

1) the blog must be at least 90 days old,

2) the blog must have at least 10 non-paid entries with 200 words each,

3) the blog’s content must be unique,

4) 60% of the blog’s entries must be non-paid posts, and

5) the blog must have pages that are indexed by Google.

The service that I like best so far is Sponsored Reviews or SR. That’s because they are the service that give the most opportunities, at least according to my own experience. In addition to that, they can get your blog approved easily and fast. The other requirements are sometimes overridden if your blog has lots of posts, lots of pages indexed by Google and has a fair amount of traffic.

Like in the case of my Football Videos and Pictures blog, I started it just last December (so that would make it 74 days old today) but I sent my blog for approval at SR on January 5 when it was still 27 days old and it got approved by SR on January 10. See, how other requirements can be overridden? But getting my blog approved at SR is just the first step; making money online through SR is another thing and is the goal.

After getting approved by SR, I started bidding for all available opportunities that I am allowed to bid. Opportunities for getting paid to blog started coming immediately and my online money making journey began.

You can see a screen shot of my SR payment history above. You can note that the first payment that SR made was on January 15, just five days after my blog got accepted at SR. The amount that was credited was $16.25. You can see the next payments by SR but I darkened the amounts. SR makes payments every 15th and 30th of the month. So, I was really glad when I started making money online through blogging. I never thought it could be that fast!

I you want to try it and start making money online immediately, click the highlighted SponsoredReviews links in this post and register then send your blog for approval at Sponsored Reviews.

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