Making Money Online Through Blogging and Smorty

One other service that I have experienced making money online is Smorty. This is another service in the internet that give advertisers opportunities for blog advertising and for bloggers, opportunities to get paid to blog.

However, this service doesn’t offer as many opportunities as the other services that pay bloggers to blog do. They are providing many opportunities for blogs with higher page ranks but for ordinary bloggers like me, I experienced receiving only a few opportunities. In addition to this, they usually offer opportunities for advertisers related to their company (I read somewhere that if you’d look at the owners of the companies that advertise with them, they’d all be under the same ownership or related to each other). I haven’t really confirmed this, but having the same opportunities for other bloggers I know who are members of this service makes me think so.

But, as a matter of fact, I’ve had two blogs approved with them (my football blog and my personal blog), and they were offered exactly the same opportunities from the same advertisers. But I still was able to make money online and that’s a good $30 per blog. Smorty pays $6 per entry in a blog with a minimum of 150 words in each entry.

If you have blogs that have at least 50 pages indexed by Google you can try registering with Smorty and submitting your blog for approval. You can click the Smorty banner on the right sidebar or if you are a blogger who wants to start making money online.

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