Making Money Online Has Paid For Our Car Repairs

Yesterday I made another $200 withdrawal an addition to my online money making experience. This has been a regular routine, at least on a monthly basis. But, for this month, this was actually my third PayPal withdrawal. The first was September 2, the next one was September 9 and yesterday was the third one. All in all, for this month, I withdrew $450. Talk about making money online. Yes, it’s the real stuff.
You might be asking how I earned that. Well, if you are new to this blog let me just say that I make money online through paid-to-blog services. Yes, I manage many blogs and write paid posts and the withdrawals I made, a big chunk of that at least, came from writing sponsored posts.

And one of the the biggest monetary blessings that my online money making experience has brought to us is this…

It’s not a new car, but it looks good as new to me and my family. I think this picture would be appreciated better if you saw what is used to look like.

Nice, right? And it took only 1 month and four days (and almost $1,000) for it to be transformed to its new look. The rusty old car now looks new.

Again, it’s not new, because at the moment this is what my online money making experience has allowed me to afford. But, the fact is, all money spent on this came from making money online. It’s a big blessing from God to our family as we blog or way to a better financial condition here in the Philippines.

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