Making Money Online for a Newer Car

When I started making money online I also began dreams of getting a replacement for the car that I am currently using. I drive a 1.5L1989 Nissan California and I’ve had it since 2003. It still runs great and I’ve taken it to long drives but I haven’t budgeted for its body repairs. It needs a “scrape to metal” type of repair and it’s rear door (it’s a hatch back) needs to be replaced first before the repairs. It’s got leaks so it rains inside when I travel in the rain. Aside from that I’m really satisfied with it’s engine. It hasn’t given me any problems. In fact I pity other newer model cars when I pass them by the road and am sort of thankful that even if my California doesn’t look so good on the outside, it doesn’t give me headaches when I comes to the way it runs. I have considered getting an auto loan for a newer car (not necessarily brand new) but probably I’ll make a decision about that when my online money making picks up. Besides, I’m prioritizing paying off other debts first and saving for my son’s education (he’ll be going to school next year – or probably we’ll home school him).

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