Making Money Online By Selling Link Spaces

I am venturing into another way to make money online. I used to sell ad space through Project Wonderful (PW), a company that turned out to be not so wonderful for having unrealistic terms of service (they removed blogs which had paid posts as if they owned the whole blog to demand that), but all of my blogs had their adboxes deleted by PW (I used to make a steady $0.50/day from all of my blogs through PW).

So now I have removed my adboxes from PW and I’m shifting to LinkShowOff and I hope to start making money online through this.

You can help by advertising through this blog and it would cost only $1 for your link to appear on my sidebar and that is almost permanent. It is only permanent until 10 other advertisers purchase a link space after you, then your link will disappear because I have only allotted 10 link spaces.

You can also start making money through LinkSHowOff by simply clicking the LinkShowOff widget (see sample pic below) on the sidebar and register. By referring others, you can earn $3 per person who registers through you.

So, start making money online now through LinkShowOff.


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