I Just Increased My Average Monthly Income From Blogging

I have just withdrawn $300 from my Paypal account today. This amount has just raised my average monthly income from $125 to $150 for the past 7 months. That’s an additional P6,400++ a month – money earned through paid-to-blog services. And guess what? This income is from my blogs alone, not counting the income from my wife’s blogs. Her income is much greater than what I made this past 7 months. In our online money making experience, let’s just say that I have earned not less than 20% of what she has since January 2008. Yes! Making money online is real. I am trying to venture now into making money online a different way – through passive income. I know that blogging takes a lot of time and energy. I need to learn from the internet mogul, John Chow (by the way, he placed an Entrecard ad on my blog a few weeks back). So, I hope I do start making money online that way.


  1. making money online is true but till now i still cannot maintain my internet income for each month

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