How My Online Money Making Experiences Began

I got introduced to making money online when a college friend contacted me a few years ago to be a dummy incorporator for his corporation. The company he set up was really an online money making business he had many years back. I guess he just wanted to legitimize his income so he could also avail of bank loans and other services which he could use to increase his assets. He has been encouraging me to try it but I never really had an idea how to start.
I did try setting up websites and slowly accumulated some income from pay-per-click ads from “G” (you know who, the biggest and most popular PPC company around) but eventually got banned when I reached about $25 or so, for what “G” claimed as invalid clicks. I did get reinstated recently but had to start from zero but that’s a different story.

Last December, my wife and I bought a domain name and paid to have it hosted by a generous friend who guided us and taught us how to start making money online. Now, I am not claiming to be an expert on this topic but I do want to share my own experiences on making money online, thus, the blog’s title.

I recently read that advertisers last year paid a total of $259 billion for advertising online. My goal for starting this blog is first of all, to journal my experiences about how I am learning and trying to get a piece of that $259 billion pie, and secondly, to help other reluctant but curious bloggers and soon to be bloggers get a part of that, too. I also hope to get some help and wishfully some mentoring from experts in this field through this blog.


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