My Two Cents on the Accusation Against Google

I have been in the online money making scene since 2008. I have learned many things, have experienced a lot, from earning unpredictably through paid blogging, to earning through adsense doing events SEO (but this is quite difficult now) and earning an average of $2,000 per month through passive income via a niche that I am planning to revive soon.

pull the plug on Google

Since July of 2010, I have stopped updating this blog when I decided to sit back and relax from blogging because of a steady source of passive income online. But when my Google adsense account was hit hard on April 2012, which made some sense out of the news about an insider squealing about Google stealing from publishers, my wife and I really hit rock bottom financially since we also ventured into PPC advertising. It was also a month before that (March 2012) when our expected adsense payout got intercepted by a Western Union branch in Quezon City. Thank God that we eventually were able to get the payout after 3 or 4 months.

So what made me decide to update this blog again? First, is I really have been thinking about sharing what I have learned and what I am continuing to learn in digital analytics and search engine marketing. Second, was this article I read about the accusation against Google stealing from its publishers.

I just want to say that I believe the person claiming to be a a former Google employee who wrote on PasteBin. Honestly, my friend, whom I partnered with in 2010 to 2012, and I have thought the possibilities of those mentioned in the accusation against Google.

Let me quote the statements that we have talked about back in 2012:

“Google reaped both sides of the coin, got money from the advertisers, used the publishers, and didn’t have to pay them a single penny.”

“The bans of April 2012 came fast and furious. Absolutely none of them were investigated, nor were they
justified in any way. We were told to get rid of as many of the accounts with the largest checks/payouts/earnings waiting to happen. No reason, just do it, and don’t question it. It was heart wrenching seeing all that money people had earned all get stolen from them. And that’s what I saw it as, it was a robbery of the AdSense publishers. Many launched appeals, complaints, but it was futile because absolutely no one actually took the time to review the appeals or complaints. Most were simply erased without even being opened, the rest were deposited into the database, never to be touched again.” (taken from

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This Blog Was Number One for a Day

It was that one Sunday morning in March when this blog, My Online Money Making Experience, topped TopBlogs and BlogRankings. It was because one of my posts appeared in the search results and this blog received so many visits that day.

It felt great to experience that and above is a screen shot of that experience – number one in TopBlogs and BlogRankings!