Another $200 Withdrawal Made Through Making Money Online

This morning, upon checking my e-mail, I received payment confirmation messages form PayPal. They were payments from PayPerPost and they were payments for 10 paid posts I wrote a month ago. The payments then increased my balance in my PayPal account to more than $200 so I made the $200 withdrawal today.

I always wait for $200 or at least any amount that would be more than P7,000 so I won’t be charged P50 (PayPal has a P50 charge for withdrawals that are P6,999.99 and below). I thought I would need to wait for another payment from SponsoredReviews (payment is coming soon) before I can make a withdrawal but I’m glad I didn’t.

This online money making experience has truly been a blessing to me and my family. I encourage those bloggers out there to keep on blogging and you’ll reap the benefits of what you sow online.

Me, I am keeping on, even though this blog has been removed from PayPerPost because of the blog audit, I am glad I have other blogs that I can make money from.

If you’re interested in joining any of these paid-to-blog services just click the appropriate banner/ link in one of my sidebars.

Waking Up To A Quick $45 Earning

This morning my wife woke me up at around 6AM because there were many jobs available from PayPerPost. This is one of the paid-to-blog services that I make money online from. This is where I get to make money online from.

Well, I didn’t have to try to shake off the sleepiness off because the moment I saw a lot of opportunities that are colored white I was completely awakened. You see, for PayPerPost, you don’t bid for opportunities. To maximize earning money online through this paid-to-blog service you always have to be logged in your PayPerPost account and clicking once in a while for available opportunities (usually colored white or green – gray means the opportunity has been taken already and red means it’s not available for you) when you are online.

As I clicked and clicked for available opportunities, there were at least four white opportunities. So my wife and I blogged together (she has her own PayPerPost account as well with her own set of blogs) and before having breakfast, we already have grabbed 9 opportunities at $5 each and each opportunity was only 50 words. Sounds great, huh?

With PayPerPost, each account is only allowed to grab a maximum of 3 opportunities per blog. We were able to grab 9 opportunities because my wife had 1 blog qualified for the opportunities and I had 2. So I woke up to a quick $45. That’s a real online money making experience!

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