Waking Up To A Quick $45 Earning

This morning my wife woke me up at around 6AM because there were many jobs available from PayPerPost. This is one of the paid-to-blog services that I make money online from. This is where I get to make money online from.

Well, I didn’t have to try to shake off the sleepiness off because the moment I saw a lot of opportunities that are colored white I was completely awakened. You see, for PayPerPost, you don’t bid for opportunities. To maximize earning money online through this paid-to-blog service you always have to be logged in your PayPerPost account and clicking once in a while for available opportunities (usually colored white or green – gray means the opportunity has been taken already and red means it’s not available for you) when you are online.

As I clicked and clicked for available opportunities, there were at least four white opportunities. So my wife and I blogged together (she has her own PayPerPost account as well with her own set of blogs) and before having breakfast, we already have grabbed 9 opportunities at $5 each and each opportunity was only 50 words. Sounds great, huh?

With PayPerPost, each account is only allowed to grab a maximum of 3 opportunities per blog. We were able to grab 9 opportunities because my wife had 1 blog qualified for the opportunities and I had 2. So I woke up to a quick $45. That’s a real online money making experience!

Feel free to join PayPerPost by clicking the links or the banner above or below this post if you wish to experience making money online through this paid-to-blog service.

I Make Money Online Through Paid-To-Blog Services

Just a few days ago, I sent an application for one of my sites to Get Paid Money to Blog and got approved. Actually, among the get-paid-to-blog services online, Get Paid Money to Blog is one, if not the most difficult services to get approval for your blog, basing on my online money making experience. They actually don’t give a reply if you don’t get approved so you are left waiting on them. But, the way they ask their members to write reviews is what I like most among other paid-to-blog services. You don’t necessarily have to review the site you are writing the post for when you do an assigned opportunity for them.

The other paid-to-blog services I like are:

1. which pays a lot when you’ve got Page Rank (just be careful because you may get slapped by Google when you start creating paid entries for PayPerPost. But, the way I was able to sort of go around this was to manage multiple blogs. In my online money making experience, during those times when Google updates the Page Ranks of websites, I would lose the PR of the blog that has a high PR (which I use in PayPerPost to make a lot of money online) but one of my other blogs would get a PR which I would then use to earn from PPP’s opportunities. (PPP usually doesn’t turn down sites with PR because the turnover of blogs with PR is fast because of Google). Since I started blogging last December, I have withdrawn not less than $200 because of .

2. Another paid-to-blog service is SponsoredReviews, where Blog Advertising - Advertise on blogs with SponsoredReviews.com (bloggers earn cash…). This is one of the more consistent opportunity providers. You just have to also be consistent and fast with your bidding on the opportunities they offer to have more chances to get a job. Since I began making money online, I have withdrawn not less than $300 because of this paid-to-blog service.

3. Another paid-to-blog service that helps me make money online is Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog. They don’t give out a lot of opportunities and usually the opportunities they provide are connected also to their company. But at least I was able to earn not less than $60 because of this service.

4. Another service is . I haven’t withdrawn any money from this service but I have pending payouts through referrals because of this paid-to-blog service. ( I also have referral earnings from the other services).

Other paid-to-blog services I make money from are SocialSpark (also pays a lot ad is also from IZEA), ReviewMe and BlogtoProfit. From my online money making experience, you’ve just got to start writing those posts regularly (at least three times a week) build links by submitting your blog/ site to directories, but the best way is to visit other blogs and exchange links with them. It’s up to you whether you want to concentrate on just one blog or want to spread yourself thin. What’s important is to do whatever works for you best and start your journey to making money online.