I’m Making My 29th Paypal Withdrawal Today

Today, in my almost two years of online money making, I am making my 29th Paypal withdrawal. That’s right, 29th. Praise God because of the many online opportunities that He has given me and my wife. It has also been a very long time since I blogged about my experiences about this online business because of the so many blogs that I have started and monetized.

Looking at all my Paypal withdrawals, not including my wife’s Paypal (she’s made 41 withdrawals since we started), I made a summation of the money I earned online, mostly through blogging, writing paid posts, adsense income and link ads and the total was $4,896.00 – money made since February 2008 until the present.

This online money making experience is real! It wasn’t made through scam but through real, honest to goodness work in the internet, mostly through making blog content. If you think I could be of help as you start your own online money making journey, drop me a message or comment and I would be glad to help you!

My Online Money Making Experience: A Step-by-Step Process – Part 3

In Part 1, i discussed my online money making experience and how I began it through starting a blog for free and in Part 2 I shared other steps I took to help my blog build links and generate traffic a bit.

In this third part I would like to share some other ways to generate traffic and build links. A great turning point in our online money making experience is when we were encouraged to…

1) …Join Entrecard.

We went to entrecard.com and registered our existing blogs. This site is a sort of an advertising venue where blogger members use entrecard credits instead of cash to pay for the advertising. Entrecard credits are earned when you visit other blogs that have an entrecard widget and you ‘drop your entrecard’ on their site (click the Drop button on their site). You also earn credits when other blogger members advertise in your blog.

I have learned (through my wife) that when you drop the maximum number entrecards in a day, which is 300 per blog, and use entrecards popular section as your droplist, you will get about 70-80% of them to drop back on your site. So if you dropped 300 entrecards on 300 sites from entrecard’s popular list then you can expect at least 210-240 visitors on that same day. This may not instantly be seen but try doing it a few days consistently and when the popular entrecard bloggers/droppers recognize you they will drop back at you (guaranteed).

Another thing I did as I tried to increase my site’s stats to make money online faster was to…

2)…Visit other blogs and comment or leave a message at their chat/shoutbox.

I personally prefer commenting and leaving my blog’s URL on other people’s posts over just leaving a message on their chatbox (but usually do otherwise when in a hurry) because I am able to create a back link to my site even though the link is not site wide. This also usually guarantees a visit by the owner of the blog you left a message on.

Aside from leaving a comment or message, what I did also was…

3) …Exchange links with blogs related to my blogs niche.

Getting permanent, one-way links is still the best, of course, but this guarantees links for your blog. And I have learned that once you’ve exchanged links, visiting your friends’ blogs (those you’ve exchanged links with) regularly, validates the authenticity of your linking to each other, at least in Google’s eyes.

The last two steps are the heart and soul of blogging, helping bloggers like us in link building and traffic generating. And they can guarantee traffic and link popularity.

Next on this series will be about the tools to check your blog’s statistics, to help you see how your blog is doing and can give you a signal on how you can start making money online as you are encouraged to submit your blog to various paid to blog services.

Another $200 Withdrawal Made Through Making Money Online

This morning, upon checking my e-mail, I received payment confirmation messages form PayPal. They were payments from PayPerPost and they were payments for 10 paid posts I wrote a month ago. The payments then increased my balance in my PayPal account to more than $200 so I made the $200 withdrawal today.

I always wait for $200 or at least any amount that would be more than P7,000 so I won’t be charged P50 (PayPal has a P50 charge for withdrawals that are P6,999.99 and below). I thought I would need to wait for another payment from SponsoredReviews (payment is coming soon) before I can make a withdrawal but I’m glad I didn’t.

This online money making experience has truly been a blessing to me and my family. I encourage those bloggers out there to keep on blogging and you’ll reap the benefits of what you sow online.

Me, I am keeping on, even though this blog has been removed from PayPerPost because of the blog audit, I am glad I have other blogs that I can make money from.

If you’re interested in joining any of these paid-to-blog services just click the appropriate banner/ link in one of my sidebars.