Another Increase In My Monthly Average Withdrawals

As I was checking how much I have averaged in withdrawals from PayPal this past 9 months of my online money making experience I saw that last July I averaged $150 in withdrawals. For this month, after just two months, it has increased to $233.33 average monthly withdrawal, that is from January to September. And a big chunk of that (plus what my wife earns through her blogs) went to the major body repair of our Nissan California.

This has been such a blessing and I intend to pay it forward. Yes! In fact there have been some people that I have started helping and they have started to make money online, too. This Wednesday a friend since high school will be coming over so I can introduce the things that I have been doing, how I have been making money online. A pastor friend will be receiving a few computer sets for their church to help their ministry and he has asked me to teach their young professionals how to make money online.

So, with these all lined up, I am planning to write posts that are organized to help someone start making money online. It will contain information like how to start a free blog and how to build links and how to get indexed by search engines, etc. I am not a master at this but I just intend to share these things as I have personally experienced them. So if you are ready to take that journey with me, just follow along this next few days and weeks as I pay it forward. To God the Provider be the glory!