Waking Up To A Quick $45 Earning

This morning my wife woke me up at around 6AM because there were many jobs available from PayPerPost. This is one of the paid-to-blog services that I make money online from. This is where I get to make money online from.

Well, I didn’t have to try to shake off the sleepiness off because the moment I saw a lot of opportunities that are colored white I was completely awakened. You see, for PayPerPost, you don’t bid for opportunities. To maximize earning money online through this paid-to-blog service you always have to be logged in your PayPerPost account and clicking once in a while for available opportunities (usually colored white or green – gray means the opportunity has been taken already and red means it’s not available for you) when you are online.

As I clicked and clicked for available opportunities, there were at least four white opportunities. So my wife and I blogged together (she has her own PayPerPost account as well with her own set of blogs) and before having breakfast, we already have grabbed 9 opportunities at $5 each and each opportunity was only 50 words. Sounds great, huh?

With PayPerPost, each account is only allowed to grab a maximum of 3 opportunities per blog. We were able to grab 9 opportunities because my wife had 1 blog qualified for the opportunities and I had 2. So I woke up to a quick $45. That’s a real online money making experience!

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Buying a Better Car from Making Money Online

One of the things that we have in line as part of our projects from making money online is to be able to replace the car that we currently use. It may take a while, but we are hopeful to be able to relish that moment. What we are driving now is a rusty 1989 Nissan California and I know in most parts of the world this model has long been phased out and kicked out of the street.

We used to drive a newer model of Toyota Corolla but since it is owned my folks so they had to use it to settle some debts. Owning a car can be a great responsibility. Someone once said that maintaining one can actually cost you and it’s equal to another mouth to feed because of the many things one has to take care of. One of the basics is auto insurance. If you own a car, it is a given that an auto insurance would go with it. Or else you are asking for trouble. January of this year we got our service car registered for the year and it is actually a requirement to get cars registered. We hope to be able to buy a newer (not a brand new one because it just might take forever for us to purchase one if that would be our goal) car model to lessen the odds of extra high maintenance concerns.

Maintaining Our House Through Making Money Online

It was early last year that our family decided to avail of a good mortgage deal to get our house built. I would say this is one of the finer things that happened to our family.

We have experienced having to rent for full five years before we got our own house. Although we have had landlords who have been the nicer kind, most of them are just a pain to deal with. It made us feel like they don’t see us more than a money making faucet. Why? Because they are just so eager to collect but when there are things that we appeal for like leaking areas of the house or having that emergency ladder that we agreed upon that they will have installed – they play with deaf ears.

We consider this house that we now call our own as a real blessing, even as there are some things we have to take care of ourselves as homeowners. Like any regular house, repairs will spring up here and there and we are just blessed to be able to take care of those things as we are now able to make extra money online. We have actually have made improvements to two rooms of our house through the income we have made since January of this year.