Making Money Online by Viewing Ad Pages

Yes this is one very easy way of making money online. This is just extra change but there are a lot of sites like this in the internet (I’ll write a post about each one them later). And a lot of them together while waiting for opportunities from paid to blog services can give you that extra cash filler. This site,, has standard membership, which allows you to earn $0.01 for viewing an ad page for 30 seconds, and upgraded membership. Upgraded membership means $0.0125 per 30-second view of an ad page and more ad pages can be viewed per day. But you’d have to pay $59 for 1 full year of premium membership. I settled for standard membership even though it only allows me a maximum of 12 page-ad-views per 24-hour duration. That’s a maximum of 10 minutes of your time and you earn a guaranteed $0.12. I personally think that that’s better than waiting for nothing and wasting time online. For a newbie like me (not an internet mogul) that is really far better than just monitoring my AdSense account and hoping that somebody would click on it or waiting for an advertiser to approve a bid for another opportunity to get paid to write a post in my blog. Their minimum payout, by the way, is $10.00 and they send it through’s site is easy to navigate and understand. If you want to maximize your time and spend only 10 minutes per day earning a few cents click and then register through the appropriate link on my sidebar and you’ll be redirected to’s site. Enjoy making money online easily.