Making Money Online By Answering Surveys…

The post prior to this one is really an online money making opportunity for me and those who participate in answering the survey. It is also one easy but not fast way of making money online. All a reader has to do is

1) click the part where it says, “how would you answer,”

2) answer the survey at dNeero’s website where you will be redirected and

3) post your answers on your blog/s (free or paid friendster blog, multiply, xanga, blogger, etc.).

You can post your answers to as many blogs as you want. That’s what I do except that I change the titles for each blog.

You will be prompted to create an account first if you do not have one when you get redirected. Once you have an account, when the survey you posted generates impressions (someone answers it or views your answers) within ten days of posting, you get the amount prescribed for the said survey.

For example, the picture below (a screen shot) shows the statistics of the surveys I have posted under my account. On the top of that list (the underlined Your Dreams) is the survey I posted in this blog prior to this entry (click here to see that survey post).

In the statistics above, I’ve only had two days of generated impressions for that survey, four days of generated for the next one on the list, and five days of generated impressions for the third and fourth ones on the list. For me to have the amount prescribed credited to my account I would need to have five days worth of generated impressions on the posted survey. As you can see above, I have been credited $0.45 for the third one on the list and $0.48 for the fourth one (that’s why you can see the green check mark on the right side and the word ‘paid’ below the check mark.

As for the second one, I would need one more day of generated impressions to have $0.60 credited to my account. And as for the most recent survey I posted which is the first one on the list I would need three more days of generated impressions to have $0.50 credited to my account at dNeero. That explains the big gray dot on the right side of the first two on the list above and the word ‘pending’ below the big gray dot. So in summary I still have a total of $1.10 pending to be credited on my account.

The picture above is a screen shot of my account balance in my dNeero account. You can see that there is a $1.10 pending listed. The blackened part shows how much is already in my account (I won’t divulge that) which accumulated just by answering surveys and posting the answers in my blogs. That was all I had to do an it took me less than a minute to answer a survey and another two minutes to post them in my blogs. An easy way of making money online – it’s not big and fast money because dNeero’s pay out is $20 but it’s legit, sure and effortless. An by the way, each time someone answers the survey you posted and registers at dNeero, you earn from that, too. Cool, huh!?

If you became interested to join through this post, I would encourage you to answer the survey in my previous post and join dNeero through that link. I hope you start making money online soon.