My Online Money Making Experience: A Step-by-Step Process – Part 2

In my previous post (My Online Money Making Experience: A Step-by-Step Process – Part 1), I wrote about how I started my way to making money online by starting a free blog from The last step in that entry was to put content in the blog. In my case, I placed entries or posts (the content) in my first blogspot blogs in just a few weeks.

The other things I did while putting content in my blog was I tried to…

1) …Use link building and traffic generating tools.

I registered in social bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon, Digg, and Onlywire. Of course, under Onlywire, I had to register to more social bookmarking sites. When I started blogging, these were the only social bookmarking sites I knew. Now, there are other sites and you can fifty of these bookmarking sites at

What I did after creating accounts for the bookmarking site was I tried to…

2) …Submit the URL of each post of the blog to each bookmarking site.

This created potential traffic for my sire. Not necessarily instant visitors, but, through the bookmarking sites, my site and each post in it were exposed to other people in the internet because of the links they created to my site.

Another thing that I did was I tried to…

3) …Submit the blog’s main URL to directories.

A bit of caution about this, because I have read in some forums that Google has turned against this. So, I leave it up to you if you will venture into this or not. But, when I started blogging, this was part of the link building methods.

Now, if you are using a blogspot and are planning to get your own domain in the future, you will need to start from scratch in terms of link building when you get your own domain. So, I would suggest, if you can invest on it, that you buy your domain and set it up for your blog (free hosting if you choose

In my next posts I will share another traffic generating tool that I used and am still using, and the other tools yo need to check your blog’s statistics and what you need to look at as you use those tools.

Keep on reading and you’ll be on your way to making money online.