How to Drop 300 Entrecards Fast

In this post, I would like to share, from my experience, how I drop 300 Entrencards fast. This has been a long awaited post. I apologize that I wasn’t able to post this sooner, but it’s all worth the wait.

Why drop 300 Entrecards, anyway? Personally, it helps increase traffic. And that is guaranteed if you drop ECs using this method. The traffic is not organic (from search engines) but it helps increase statistics. It also guarantees an increase your Alexa ranking. I had one blog that went from the millions to within 200,000 in Alexa ranking.

So what do you need to drop 300 ECs using this method? Let me first give an overview of the things I use. When dropping ECs, I get a list of 300 blogs. Others use drop lists, I don’t. I use the Popular list from Entrecard’s campaign tab. Another important factor is the browser. I use Mozilla Firefox because of the add-ons and browsing options.

How to Drop Entrecards Fast:

1. First, you need a Mozilla Firefox browser. If you already have this, you need to search for an add-on called “Linky”. If you don’t have this yet, just google “linky” and the first result is what you need to install. After installing the add-on, you will need to restart your browser. Once the linky add-on is installed, you are ready to go.

2. Log-in to your Entrecard account. If you have multiple accounts, log-in first to the account with the blog you want to drop 300 Entrecards for. You can actually drop for your other blogs in your EC account after the first blog. You just have to switch to the other linked account after dropping 300 Entrecards.

3. After logging in to your Entrecard account you will be directed to your dashboard where you can see your quickstats in the last 30 days. The important stat you need here is the one which says “cards you dropped today/all” and before that is a fraction which may look like 0/2489 or something like that. In that example, 0 stands for the number of ECs you dropped today and 2489 would be the number of ECs you dropped total (in the last 30 days). You will be needing this statistic as you approach 300 ECs.

In your Entrecard dashboard, click the “Campaign” tab. You will be directed to the campaign page under the default sub-tab “By Category”. Click the “Popular” sub-tab because that’s the Entrecard drop list that ensures at least 50% drop back. I’m sure other Entrecarders drop on the “By Category” lists, too, so they can interact with other blogs in their category, but, in my experience, only the “Popular” list guarantees a higher drop back, meaning, when you visit 300 blogs and drop your EC, most of the blogs visit back and drop their ECs in your blog, too.

4. In your Firefox tabs, click “Tools” then “Options”. Click the “Content” tab in the “Options” window that popped up. Uncheck the “Load images automatically” and “Enable Java” (see screenshot below).

Click the “Exceptions” button beside “Load images automatically”. Here you need to allow two sites to load images, namely, and Once you have typed in each of them and clicked “Allow” (see screenshot below).

5. After following the steps above, you should be directed to the page below (see screenshot).

You can customize how you drop by clicking on the dropdown beside “Rows per page”. The default is 3 but you can choose how many blogs the page will show. I use 9, which shows the first 45 blogs in Entrecard’s “Popular” list. I know of someone who uses 18, which shows 90 blogs. Linky can only open up to 99 tabs per loading, so that selection gives you the maximum number of tabs that can be opened. But, like I said, I select 9 only. You will have to choose what’s best for you, your internet connection and your computer speed. But the principle is, the more tabs, the less number of page loading. But internet speed can be affected and sometimes blog pages do not load properly. If you choose to change the default number of 3 beside “Rows per page”, click the “Search” button to refresh the blog list.

6. After the blogs have loaded in the list, select all the blogs starting from the top to the bottom by clicking right before the “Previous” link and dragging down to the last blog on the list. You will see 3 links (blog id number, Site and Profile) on each blog when you hover your mouse. You should select until the “Profile link” that shows up when you hover on the last blog on the list.” (see screenshot below).

7. After selecting, right click and hover your mouse on “Linky” then “Open Selected Links in tabs” and click on it. (see screen shot below)

A “Select Links” window will open (see screenshot below).

8. Uncheck the “Select all of the links” (see screenshot below).

9. Check all the links which has (see screenshot below).

One you have done this once you can just uncheck and then check again the “Select already visited links” and the window will automatically check all the windows that you’ve opened before (assuming that your browser settings is set to remember previously visited sites). Sometimes, a new blog will make it to the “Popular list”, one that you haven’t opened before, and all you have to do is check the tick box beside that link. You can check if there’s an unchecked link by scrolling down slowly.

10. Once you’ve made sure that all the links are checked and that unnecessary images and Java are disabled, you can click the “Open selected links” button and the blogs will all load automatically in new tabs.

Once the blogs have loaded, you can start dropping your EC on each and close them right away or drop a message or comment before you do. To load another set of blogs, just click “Next” on the “Popular” page. Do not refresh this page or else you will be reverted back to the top of the list of Entrecard popular blogs list.

As previously mentioned, how fast you drop will depend on the number of blogs you choose to load at a time. That will depend on your computer speed and your internet connection speed. But this method will definitely speed up the way you drop Entrecards. It is so fast that you can definitely drop 300 Entrecards in no time.


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