Advantages of Having Unlimited Add-On Domains in a Web Host

When I started blogging to make money online I did not have the luxury of having unlimited add-on domains. In fact, I did not have a paid host or a domain, for that matter. I started blogging using the free blogging platform of and learned and experimented using a subdomain form

Four months after, I bought my first domain but still used free hosting which did not leave me much to experiment with compared to having unlimited add-on domains. In the beginning of this year, I decided to venture into investing in domain names (dot com, dot net or dot org only) but was faced with the need to purchase more web hosts.

I encountered different problems with using different and unpopular web hosting companies so I finally decided to get a dependable web host which can provide me unlimited add-on domains so I would not need to keep on looking for web hosts. I found one reputable host and I was given the first month free. Yes, I chose to pay on a monthly basis because that was what I can afford during that time. I only used money I have earned online to fund the domain and web host payments I made.

True enough, with the new domains gaining rankings in SERPS in their respective niches, I was able to pay the monthly payments and more. I was also able to learn how to set up my own blog. I never did regret getting a web host with unlimited add-on domains and I am still in the process of growing my network of blogs to help me make money online.

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