List of Thanksgiving Side Dishes and Desserts

It’s Thanksgiving and mothers and homemakers are looking for lists of Thanksgiving side dishes and desserts. For online money makers this is one topic to write about and an opportunity to get traffic increase and potential income increase as well.

There are lots of lists available in the internet for side dishes and desserts for Thanksgiving. There are recipe blogs, food blogs and stay-at-home-mom blogs that can provide this information. But some suggestions are available in related links around this page.

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Tipid Dauqs Budget Tips: What is it?

So what is Tipid Dauqs Budget Tips? It is an SEO contest organized and initiated by Tipid Squad which is a site that talks about topics related to budgeting and finances. With my experience in making money online I definitely can learn form them and hopefully, I too can share some principles on budgeting and finances.

The budget tips I would like to share are not intended to say that I know better than Tipid Squad (dauqs is squad typed backwards). I just hope to contribute a few principles on handling finances. The principles are based on the Bible which claims to be the word of God. With its claims I guess it then has credibility when it comes to all areas of our lives including budgeting, money and finances.

Here are a few principles:

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